Top iOS 14 Features ! What’s New Review

iOS 14 Features

iOS 14 Features 

Hey, what’s up guys iOS 14 beta 1 is here in this article. I’d like to take you through the biggest changes that Apple has included on the iPhone and iPad. I got to tell you I never expected this much it was supposed to be a maintenance update but we got so many features that we’ve been asking for for the longest time. such as an app drawer widgets minimized call screen minimized Siri interface and so much more. So exciting I’ve installed it on my personal device honestly been pretty stable pretty happy with it so far let’s get into.


Widget Rumor in iOS 14

So the widget rumor was true. Yes, Apple has finally included widgets that you can move around on the home screen and there are multiple sizes to choose from there’s a different type of widget. Such as the smart widget which you can scroll through and add different widgets to it can change depending on the time of day and then you can actually stack widgets just by dragging one over the other. there are multiple widgets to choose from and I’m sure Apple will be adding more as time goes on so refreshing to see a feature that has been rumored for over a decade finally appearing on the iPhone.


App Drawer in iOS 14

iOS 14 Features 1

So next up is app drawer so you actually hold the home screen dots you can quickly scroll to the very end and the last page will always be this app library or app drawer and here I do believe the organization is a bit cluttered but you are able to access more of your apps in a little organized area and then scroll and actually see them in this ListView this was rumored earlier too.

Home Controls in Control Centre

iOS 14 Features 2

Now the control center is ever slightly so different Apple has now added the ability to keep home shortcuts inside of the control center and as you can see some of my favorites are here clicking on a home will bring me into my favorites also and there are two new toggles so one is a sleep mode.  Sound recognition so this will actually notify you when your iPhone hears the sound that you may not hear if you’re hard of hearing.

Picture-in-picture a feature I never thought I’d see supported by Apple on the iPhone so in order to access it you do need to be in full screen and then click on the same icon that you’d see on an iPad. You now have this little view right here you can increase it decreases it works exactly as it does on the iPad very intuitive flickable a little taken aback even it works in Netflix as is right now on iOS 14 that’s amazing.


Considerably Smaller, Prettier Interface

iOS 14 Features 4

Siri has a beautiful new interface and this glowing orb I love it now another great thing is the info will actually pop up above so whatever you’re doing in the center you know you can still see that it’s not completely intrusive and not only does Siri have a smaller look she’s smarter too and we’ll pull more answers from the web where previously she did not.

iOS 14 Features 5

Finally, phone calls no longer take up your entire screen and you can actually dismiss them go about doing what you’re doing and then get back to the call here if you still don’t want to take it to swipe up and keep doing what you’re doing and the person now remains to wait not you.

it doesn’t hijack your entire phone experience Finally Apple thank you. Now iOS 14 will support a framework for changing the default browser app and Mail app nothing yet for music I’d love to change it to Spotify but hopefully, that will come.

This is a great first step I haven’t seen any setting or way to turn this on just yet but I assume in future versions of iOS 14 Apple will enable this custom browser and mail change in.

Translate App in iOS 14 Features

I was iOS 14 also includes a new Translate app so in here you can do exactly as the name suggests translate from one language to the other directly and it is capable of doing it on the device by default it’s doing it through the server you’d have to enable that in settings if you’re in an area without internet. 

Now Safari also includes a built-in translator now you’ll have this option in your text field to translate and also Safari does include a website nutrition card tracking report in here you’ll see. How you’re being tracked it’s a great step towards more privacy.


Now Maps has a number of new features for one guides I wasn’t able to trigger these I don’t know if this is coming in the later beta or for certain locations but I’ll basically curate you through a city find the best places to eat and so you can add to them. So you can navigate to a certain place based on the type of car you have in this case electric and there’s also bicycle routings you’ll actually be able to see the elevation and it’ll navigate in the most efficient way if you’re on a bicycle.

App Clips

App clips are a great idea so it’s a new feature that allows you to get a bite-sized preview of a certain app to do what you need to do without downloading the entire app so let’s say you want to rent a scooter in a foreign location you don’t have the app you also don’t have a lot of data this will show you a little preview of that app you’ll be able to do what that app wants you to do without downloading it.

Latest iOS 14 Features 


Messages have received a huge rework in iOS 14 Features you now have pinned conversations so you can pin certain contacts to the top of your message list they have these beautiful little animations whenever a message does come in they’re a little hard to discern against the background some hope Apple works on that a little bit but it’s a fantastic idea. when you’re actually in a group chat you now have the ability to reply inline directly to someone. The person alone will get that reply of course considering he’s on iOS 14 Features.

You can also mute notifications unless you’re replying to specifically and a fantastic change to the emoji picker you now can search for emojis specifically. I love these implementations very easy to use and Apple has done further work to n emojis and emojis they’ve added several new emotes such as hug fist bump and blush they’ve added several new anI emojis and new age ranges for emoji.

Wind Down and Sleep Mood

So there’s a new feature called wind down and sleep mode in iOS 14 Features which focuses on your sleep there’s even a new dedicated toggle for in the control center which filters notifications and it’ll remind you to go to sleep at a certain time basically a much more fine-tuned version of bedtime.

Home Accessory Quick Toolbar

Apple has done some work to the home app so for one there’s a new toolbar accessory up top
which presents you with your most-used accessories and ones you might need in any given situation and Apple has done some work to home kit compatible cameras such as face recognition and activity zones would select home kit cameras.

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Car Key Support

Some great features for vehicles such as car key and car play car key won’t matter to most of you guys. it’s starting only on the 2022 BMW 5 Series and then whichever and manufacturer decides to add it if it’s anything like car play. it will take years and years to adopt but I’m glad it’s finally available will also be available in 13.6. now car play did receive backgrounds just as
anticipated and now there are several new app types such as parking electric vehicle charging and quick food ordering I have to show you these I was not expecting them. 

iOS 14 Features 2020

So in accessibility touch settings scroll down you’ll see a category for back tap so here there are multiple presets for what happens or what may happen when you double-tap the back of your phone in this case I have it set to control center and a triple tap will lock my screen. Which is awesome it actually works something I never thought I would actually do but adds a host of functionality to your device.

I’m sure there will be more another amazing one is if you’re deep in the menu system now you can hold the back icon and be presented with this menu of all the pages you went through to get here and then go to the original page.

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