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propellerads Review

PropellerAds Review

It is very likely that if you have a blog or a website you use Google AdSense to insert ads and generate some income when your visitors click on them. But, did you know that there are other alternatives to Google AdSense that may also be useful to increase your benefits?


In 2011, another advertising network called PropellerAds emerged, which is among the 35 most visited domains in the world according to Alexa, and inquiring about it I have appreciated how simple its interface is, and the most shocking thing is that it does not require as many requirements as AdSense. We will see in this article how they differ and what benefits they have.


First of all, we must know that you can earn more or less money with one or the other depending on many factors. Mainly, if you are in a niche where there is not so much traffic, you can earn with AdSense. On the other hand, if you work in a sector where you receive a lot of visits and where you hardly receive clicks with AdSense, PropellerAds will be more profitable.

You don’t have to discard one to work with the other. You can work with both at the same time.


PropellerAds Review – Main Features


-It has all kinds of ads depending on the different platforms where you want to include (depending on the theme of the web, if it is a blog, a magazine …) and the ways the site is viewed (does it have a responsive design?).


-You can even earn more money with each user who visits your page from their mobile using the Mobile Dialog Ad option.


-Best of all, they accept any site, except adult websites. It does not matter that you have a blog that you have just opened and you do not have many visits, registration is free and acceptance is automatic. Very different from AdSense, which could take days or even weeks.


– You can start earning money quickly.


– In terms of earnings, Propeller Ads keeps 20%, the rest is for the publisher. Payment is made within 30 days by bank transfer (if the payment is $ 500 or more) or by Payoneer (starting at $ 100).


Propeller Ads versus AdSense

  1. While you cannot sign up for AdSense if you don’t reach a number of visits, in Propeller Ads any blog, no matter how small, can join the platform, there are no web traffic restrictions.
  2. Propeller Ads are available to all countries in the world. AdSense does not include all.
  3. Registration in Propeller Ads is immediate.
  4. AdSense has more advertisers enrolled than Propeller Ads as it remains the largest advertising network. However, Propeller Ads already works with more than 3,000 active advertising campaigns and among its advertisers, there are large companies in the gaming, entertainment, e-commerce, betting, software, Lightinthebox, etc. sector.
  5. With Propeller Ads, you can show all the ads you want on your page, with AdSense a maximum of three.
  6. Propeller Ads pop-ups help publishers receive more benefits than AdSense.
  7. Propeller Ads pay a considerable amount for the visit to any country. AdSense, meanwhile, only pays if visitors click on the ad and if visits come from some countries.
  8. A page can generate many visits, but your visitors may not want to click on your ads. This is where Propeller Ads comes into play, with which you can earn great benefits with it.

It’s nice to know that AdSense is not the only advertising network out there. Propeller Ads offers other advantages, especially if you have many visits and your blog is for entertainment.


If you have a blog with hundreds of visits every day, where you offer interesting information to your reader (tips, recommendations, tutorials) and your audience does not click on your AdSense ads, you should try Propeller Ads. In addition to the typical banners, sliders, sponsored links, and full-screen ads (Onclick Ads), Propeller Ads uses other types of formats such as Pop-up, Onclick, Interstitial, Dialog (for mobile) and Overlay.


Propeller Ads Review Most popular formats: Pop-up and Onclick Ads

  • Pop-up Ads Propeller Ads 

The Pop-up will open on a new page in front of your site, unlike traditional pop-up windows that did interrupt the user while reading a site. It is well paid (based on total traffic) and if we place it on a website with considerable traffic, the benefits will be immediate and good.

  • Onclick Ads Propeller Ads

They are ads that open when the user clicks. You get more income than with other options, but this does not affect search engine rankings.


As you can see, it is another tool that we should try and see if it is profitable on our blog or website. Test separately with AdSense and Propeller Ads, and then try to work with both. What best suits your business?


How to Create Account on propellerAds

  1.  Click Here To Land On Sign Up Page Click on Sign Up button.Propellerads Review
  2. Choose Your Account Type if you want to Monetize Your Website Traffic Click on I’m a Publisher Sign up button. On the other hand, If you want Post, ads on PropellerAds Click On I’m an Advertiser Sign Up Button.Propellerads Review
  3. Fill up all details and click on Sign Up.Propellerads Review
  4. Check your email and Activate Your Account Create a Password and Account Ready to Use.

How To add Site On PropellerAds

  1. Login to PropellerAds Account with your Created email and Password.Propellerads Review
  2. Now you reached on propeller ads Dashboard Click on Sites from Left side menu and click on add sites.Propellerads Review
  3. Enter Your website domain and click on add site.
  4. If You using a blogger then copy your meta tag and paste on the head section. if you using a WordPress and Download .html file and upload file to the root of your site. For more help Check images.Propellerads Review
  5. If you have done all steps then click on verify.

Hope You Guys we are clear your all doubts about PropellerAds and you like our PropellerAds Review. if you have any Problem and complain Please Contact Us Using contact us Form. 


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